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Is your content created with a purpose?

Content marketing β€” and how well you do it β€” can affect multiple parts of your business. Social media content, advertising copy, article creation, email marketing development, and other customer touchpoints can be improved with the right content strategy.

Digital Beeline helps you position your brand for digital success.

Types of copywriting we’re good at

Content health audit

Before we dive into our approach to content development, here are some common metrics we use to measure the performance of your content:

  • Engagement β€” Are people liking, sharing, or even seeing your content on social? Are your emails reaching the user’s inbox, and are they interacting with them?

  • Traffic β€” How many people are finding your content?

  • Conversions β€” Is your copy compelling enough to get them to take action?

  • Keyword Use β€” Are your customers searching for and using the terms you include in your copy?

  • Target Audience β€” Does your content marketing strategy target users with unique interests, age groups, gender, and hobbies?

We’ll help you find the answers to these questions.

After an in-depth content analysis, Digital Beeline works with you to build a content strategy that matches your brand’s tone of voice, performance marketing goals, and existing brand development efforts.

We’ll work with you to create content strategies that meet your customers where they are on the customer journey and guide them to take action.

Building a content strategy

Capturing your audience’s attention takes a lot more than a few flashy graphics and words β€” it requires trust, authority, credibility, and positive affirmation from consumers online.

To bring long-term success to your content marketing efforts, we first need to look at how your consumers react to your content and your competitors.

Unlocking customer insights

Your customers β€” or soon to be customers browsing your site or social page β€” likely have widely different backgrounds and personal preferences.

Differences in age, gender, geo-location and personal interests are all some factors that play into your content’s effectiveness with each person.

Interactions with our content tell us exactly what consumers want. We like to use data as the cornerstone of content strategy before we work our creative magic.

Whether it’s a click on an ad, a like on Instagram, or email opens β€” analytics tools, customer segmentation, customer journey mapping and reporting will help you measure how each piece of content performs.

Developing a strong brand voice

What do product descriptions, video scripts, and articles all have in common?

Copywriting. Although unique content mediums, they’re all unique opportunities to build your brand’s personality and value.

Our Content Team can write with:

  • Your brand’s existing tone of voice, highlighting your principles, passion, and messaging
  • Varying levels of expertise based on the intended reader
  • Your brand’s value proposition layered into the writing

Digital Beeline helps your brand build credibility with consistent, high-quality content.

We’ll help you plan, write, and measure the performance of your content marketing efforts across your digital channels.

Need content marketing experts?

Research-based content creation

From social media to website copy, we know that content creation takes a lot of time.

To make your content more effective, we start compiling topic ideas with keyword research, engagement analysis tools, and evaluating by search intent.

Keyword research & search intent

Our approach to content opportunities starts with keywords.

What are potential customers Googling? What hashtags are they browsing on TikTok? What keywords are working well for your competitors?

We start by compiling a large list of keywords and then analyze the search intent, current competition, and relevancy of each.

Lastly, we craft these keywords into search-optimized topics. After you approve them, our team writes them out.

What’s working for the competition?

We’ll find out.

We use tools like Semrush and BuzzSumo to filter through years of social media posts and articles to discover what’s working well for direct and indirect competitors.

These insights lead to more topic ideas and us build an informed content strategy with you.

Chat with a digital expert!
Chat with a digital expert!