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Data is your blueprint for success

Data is the cornerstone of any business. Without it, you’d have a hard time determining shifts in trends and consumer behavior.

Analyzing your website’s data and making sense of it can help you to:

  1. Adapt to secure more leads
  2. Manage your advertising budget appropriately
  3. Get key insights into how your customers respond to your website content

So how does Digital Beeline help you get a leg up on your competitors? Here’s how we can help:

Analysis and strategy

Digital Beeline starts by assessing your business’s current landscape. We’ll ask you about your business goals and evaluate your target customer base.

Together, we’ll create key performance indicators (KPIs) to use as the baseline for measuring your business’s success.

Measuring Google Analytics metrics

Google Analytics can be overwhelming at first glance. With so much data at your disposal, it can be challenging to make sense of it all.

That’s where we come in.

Tools we like to use to track your analytics and performance:

Digital Beeline will audit your business’s Google Analytics account and ensure that it’s set up correctly. After verifying data integrity and fixing any issues that are found, we set you up with a customized live report that stays updated with your current data.

Here’s what your Reporting Dashboard will show you:

Traffic insights

Key customer insights

Understanding who is reaching our website is important to determine if your current marketing initiatives are working. Our Reporting Dashboard will aggregate demographic information to showcase the following:

  • Gender – What percentage of visitors are male or female?
  • Age – How old are our visitors?
  • Geo – What city do our visitors live in?
  • Mobile – How many people browse our website from their phone?

These insights will allow you to fine-tune your marketing initiatives so that you can reach the right customers and provide a seamless experience for them on your website.

Revenue and conversions

After setting up your Google Analytics account properly and working with you to set up goals, our Reporting Dashboard can show you things like:

  • Order and checkout conversions
  • Phone call conversions
  • Contact form conversions
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • etc.

Additionally, we’ll show you which pages on your site are driving the most revenue and conversions.

This will allow you to adjust your marketing tactics to send users to the highest converting URLs, or adjust your site’s layout to convert more leads into customers.

Need to track revenue and conversions on your site?

SEO Analytics Services

When you partner with Digital Beeline for SEO services, we additionally measure:

Keyword ranking performance

When users stumble across your site on search engines like Google, they typed in a search term — or keyword — to get to your site.

Here are some examples of queries that your customers might search for:

  • “Pizza open now near Scottsdale AZ”
  • “Volkswagen repair shop near me”
  • “Same day flower delivery service”
  • “How to fix a leaking pipe”
  • etc.

Knowing what keywords your site currently ranks for can give you insight on how your customers are searching for your business and how your site is competing in search results.

This allows you to proactively target new keywords and optimize your site’s pages to bring in new potential customers.

We’ll include a section in your custom Reporting Dashboard that shows a list of keywords that you’re ranking for and how your pages are performing overtime for those keywords.

If you want to get your website in front of more people in search, checkout our SEO services.

Backlink acquisition insights

Having high-quality links pointing to your site helps Google to understand if your website is a relevant search result for specific keywords and queries.

Digital Beeline uses white-hat link acquisition strategies to research and identify relevant partners and industry sites. We then reach out to these sites and work with them to obtain links that point to your website.

Aside from driving referral traffic, these links serve as the backbone of our Search Engine Optimization strategy to get your pages to rank higher on search engine results pages.

We’ll include a section in your Reporting Dashboard that shows acquired links over the course of your SEO campaign.

Chat with a digital expert!
Chat with a digital expert!