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We’re Digital Beeline, an internet marketing team based in Phoenix, Arizona. We focus primarily on SEO, content marketing, advertising, and analytics services.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with

The “why”

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of marketing agencies out there. And our team has worked for a few good ones in the past.

Sometimes, good isn’t good enough.

We experienced some harsh realities working in the digital space:

  1. Services are peddled that don’t help clients achieve business goals.
  2. Lack of company culture pushes top talent away.
  3. Agencies that offer every marketing service imaginable don’t focus on their strengths, diluting success of partners and team members.



“a straight line between two places.”

We’re not here to hold back so you stick around for more than a few years. We want your business to outgrow our team and achieve even more.

And we’d love to be a part of that success story.

We knew we could do better.

Digital Beeline is here to help you — your team — your business — achieve business goals. Period.

Our work is driven by our core values:

So far, do you think we’re a good fit?

Whether you’re considering us for marketing services or interested in becoming a member of our team, there’s a few things you should know about us:

  • We don’t work with everyone. Sometimes, we aren’t the right agency for every business.
  • We believe that the data speaks for itself. Marketing is science, math, analysis, testing, and learning.
  • We believe in focusing on a few marketing services, and doing them well. That’s why our focus is on SEO, Ads, and data-driven Analytics solutions.
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Who we are

SEO health audit in Scottsdale AZ

We’re a small team of data-driven marketers with a “search first” mentality. We believe that organic search lays the groundwork for everything else — and here’s why:

  • Consumers tell us exactly what they want.
  • Search has a long-term, compounding return on investment.
  • Search engine optimization meets the user at the exact moment they’re ready to take action.

Our ultimate goal is to help brands build loyal and engaged customers, increasing their lifetime value. And we know that search helps us do just that.

Meet Brennan Flentge

Founder & Principal Consultant

I accidentally discovered my passion for marketing as a young kid in high school. School sports counted as gym class credits, which allowed me to take more electives than usual (you know, the fun classes).

Video production, photography, radio broadcasting, graphic design and even coding classes were all offered at my high school. And I took advantage of all of them. I found myself entrenched in digital marketing knowledge and haven’t looked back since.

After leading digital marketing teams in college and transitioning to marketing agency and in-house SEO roles, I quickly realized that I had a true passion for building brands.

I founded Digital Beeline so I could share that passion with like-minded individuals. We’re here to educate and help business owners navigate through the vast digital landscape.

We’d love the chance to be your next digital business transformation partner (and hopefully your last).

Take care,

– Brennan Flentge

Headshot of Brennan Flentge, Founder of Digital Beeline

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